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Jan 1, 2013 2:00am PST
become mothers. in return, she will receive 750 euros per donation. that is a lot of money for the chemistry student. >> it is not a regular monthly income, but it is enough to help the family that urgently needs money. in my case, i needed to pay the registration fee so that i can keep working towards my master's degree. >> donating eggs is legal, and an increasing number of women in spain are doing it, including here. the clinics pay up to 900 compensation and expenses for the examinations, hormone treatment, and egg extraction. anna needs the money. although she is 26, she is almost too old. this clinic is looking for even younger donors, and it has plenty of applicants to choose from. >> every day, we get calls from two or three women who want to donate eggs. we now have a list of 200 donors, even though we do not have that many potential recipients. >> donating eggs is a lucrative source of income. although in spain it is illegal to sell them, donors receive money in the form of compensation. four years ago, this professor was a member of spain's committee on bioethics and rep
Jan 1, 2013 4:00am PST
: dollar power? will this be the year of the death of the euro? > > to continue my optimism- > > absolutely. > > i thought last year was the death of the euro. > > it's a soap opera. it goes on. > > it was the year before, and it was the year before that. > > the euro is absolutely going down. we do not have anything solved i think. germany just keeps giving them money. at some point, germany is going to say, "hey, you are my child. grow up. you can't have any more money. sorry. you're out on your own." your child is going to turn 18 or 21, and they are going to say, "sorry, you don't get any more money." germany goes, "you're done." i am looking for the euro to get above this $1.32 level- > > down to $1.20. > > -push to $1.36 here in the near-term. so it's still got a lot of power left. > all right, round three: sector spector. which sector will outpace the market action in 2013? > > i want to go after some value and look at some certain sectors that have beaten down and are out of favor. i am going to say it right now: coal, steel, things of that nature. > > alan is into t
Dec 31, 2012 6:30pm PST
on the u.s. markets. that has come back tonight but it is still holding at 12991. eurostoxx 50. euro trading down $1.3194. >> secretary of state henry clinton in the hospital due to a blood clot from the concussion she's a reporter earlier this month. >> she is under observation and will be in the hospital at least until tuesday. she is 65 years old. she has stated that she will be stepping down next month. the egyptian pound continues to fall against the u.s. dollar despite financial authorities tried to hold it from sliding. mohamed morsi expects that it will stabilize. >> political turmoil has sent worried egyptian scrambling to change their currency into pounds and dollars. they are imposing controls on how much cash can physically be carried out of the country. >> the latest attempt to stabilize the currency has had little impact on it slide. beside reserves in its currency auction, the egyptian pound falling to a new low. the currency have been losing value since the unrest began. two major factors are a drop in tourism and in foreign investment. many egyptians fear their cash
Dec 31, 2012 7:00pm EST
shilling y hoy por un shilling nos dan... por un euro nos dan 1650 shillings. ♪ debo ser rico en este país, debo ser rico en este momento. muchas gracias señorita por haberme forrao. ♪ voy a entrar en esta oficina de turismo, a ver si recopilo un poco de información que hay de ver aquí en arusha. y datos que me interesa saber de tanzania y sobre todo que quiero localizar una agencia donde puedan alquilar avionetas para hacer un vuelo charter por encima del kilimanjaro. decididamente voy a alquilarla porque hemos sacado un buen precio. ya tengo ganas de ver que se ve desde ahí arriba y sobre todo voy a ver el kilimanjaro ♪ pues aquí estamos en el aeropuerto. y hemos quedado con el piloto, un tal mateo y no hay nadie y tampoco hay ninguna medida de seguridad porque estamos aquí dentro y... bueno pues... pues no sé, dónde estará este hombre. mateo. no me lo puedo creer. he contratado un vuelo para sobrevolar el cráter del kilimanjaro. no tengo muy claro, que esta avioneta monomotor y sin puerta sea capaz de alcanzar los 6500 metros de altura. vamos con un tipo que primero me dic
Jan 1, 2013 2:30pm PST
reasons to look forward to the new year. to not mention the fact that the euro crisis has calmed to the point that investment is possible again in troubled countries. >> in a global economy the face of companies like schuler is tied to markets throughout the world. for now the mechanical engineers say that they can count on strong demands, especially from china. >> if i don't think we have reason to be pessimistic. businesses always connected to psychology. i think that lots of german companies are in a very good position and the demand for many products, in the machine and equipment area, is extremely high and it will remain so. >> german engineering firms head into the new year with confidence a sign the job market will remain stable in the months ahead. >> if you are looking ahead with optimism to the new year you are not alone. pope benedict predicts peace will prevail in 2013. >> the pontiff made his upbeat forecast to mark the catholic church's world day of peace. he was convinced of humanity's capacity to live without conflict despite the inequality and terrorism afflicting m
Jan 1, 2013 7:30am EST
against the euro on friday, the currency rose to the 114 yen level. that's more than 14 yen higher than when the year started. analysts predict the yen's decline is likely to continue for some time. investors are now focusing their attention on what japan's central bank will do when it's policy making panel meets next month. now let's check on the stock markets in other parts of the world. european stocks are trading in a tight range, investors are keeping an eye on the ongoing u.s. budget talks. london's ftse 100 is trading at 5945. in frankfurt the dax is down about .4 percent at 7625. in paris the index there is down about.8% trading at 3644. earlier in the day asia stocks were higher almost across the board. today was the last trading day the year in many markets. south korean shares ended 0 high pressure 49% higher. mainland china stocks rose touching higher levels in more than six months. the hang seng closed at its peak for 2012. here in japan business leaders have urged prime minister shinzo abe to join negotiations for a transpacific partnership trade agreement as soon as
Dec 31, 2012 10:30pm PST
governments of the euro system that has hit some countries for some reasons. somewhat we were hit because of the sins of our past. we have been having -- we have had a relatively a sizable but stable debt for a long time, but the point is it's very manageable. we are reducing it pretty fast, very fast indeed, and also to reassure the investors if you put together the net household wealth of italians as compared to the debt of the government and the companies the ratio is three to one, so it's a matter of redistribution somehow. italians thanks to god are a wealtdy people and the matter is how we can put things into order in our household but definitely italy is a major stable solid economy, and once -- already there are signs of strong improvement. once this crisis is over we will definitely flex the muscles. please. >> [inaudible] are you planning show case any important architects and designers in this year of italian culture? >> definitely. i mean in san francisco there's a wonderful san francisco design week, so we will have an italian design week too. we are planning on an ex
FOX Business
Dec 31, 2012 7:00pm EST
crushing aspects the euro one you wrote that u.s.liby amba policymakers opposed by christopher stevens havelaw sacrificed u.s. lives, ourou as, nation is ignoring sharia lawy and practices. you assert that the islamic totalitarianism, you are saying that it has a tutorial at terry and winter.ave a sular >> we have those that we chosea, to undermine and replace. hosnib mubarak, even the odious qadhafi. yet what is their replacement?n the replaceent from the get-go,o we actually supported them of muslim brotherhood jihadist to have a supremacist outlook. and we are still, the late ambassador stevens unfortunateln chose to go intofo th jihadist i hotbed in libya, which dates back to our borders. they were fighting then. thanyou so much for bei with rin us. lou: as the housing market really recovering? $17 trillion is riding on the answer. thes ceounting forome $82 bi lou: foreign buyerare helping to boost our housing msarket. those buyers accounted for billn $82 billion in home sales over the past year. 9 billion of those dollarschines coming from the chinese. t second only to tho
Jan 1, 2013 1:00am PST
aurora to oak creek. a full year of the war in syria, another year of the war in gaza, the euro crisis, penn state, trayvon martin, petraeus, 2012 is a year in many ways, forget the phrase, sucked, which is why it's been worth it as ever to con come the things that did not suck. that did not suck about this year. legitimately without irony or only with a trace amount. behold a clear year that sucked much less than you remember it sucking. everybody on this show is a 13-year-old boy. they were all giggling over this. apparently someone drawing a circle around the florida panhandle is hilarious. whether it is chuck todd or this from cnn because he's putting his hands on it. members of my staff swear putting shapes on the state of florida is all problematic. yes, i get it. i get it less than most people. i do see something in the associated press map. mitt romney won the counties in orange, newt gingrich won the ones in red. do you see that? look closer. they totally saw it. it's a giraffe! best new thing in the world today. you are grounded, staffers. this photo of mitt romney in
Jan 1, 2013 4:00am EST
. including a collapsing euro or a slowing in china. or even skyrocketing oil prices. let's get down to business. here is the first one. i don't want you digging in your heels any more when you're wrong. in the immortal world john maynard cane, when the facts change, i change my mind. one of the easiest mistakes to make, and i know this because i've done it countless times, i refuse to change my stripes after the fact are in and i've been proven wrong. it's a quick and easy way to lose money. yet mad mailers and particularly twitter followers @jimcramer refuse to believe this principal. i have been blasted into reality over and over and over again. whenever i dug in my heels. you are always angry when you get run over. and you're always willing to take it out on the people who are on the other side. the ones who got it right. the fact that i am open about this whole process and that i actually read the e-mails, and i engage with people sometimes in a cranky way has helped me to invest stories and invest better. but it has also been an exercise in pain. >> the house of pain. >> and when
Jan 1, 2013 3:00am EST
what the circumstances. including a collapsing euro or slowly, or skyrocketing oil prices. [ boos ] let's get down to business. here is the first one. i don't want you digging in your heels anymore when you're wrong or in the immortal words of the late great economist, john maynard keynes, when the facts change i change my mind. one of the easiest mistakes to make, i've done it countless times, i refuse to change my stripes after the facts are in and i've been proven wrong. it's natural to refuse to change your mind when you think you're right and the market is going against you. it's also a quick and easy way to lose money yet mad mailers and particularly twitter followers @jimcramer refused to believe this principle. you're always angry when you get run over and always willing to take it out on the people who are on the other side, the ones who got it right. the fact that i am open about this whole process and that i actually read the angry e-mails and the tweets and i engage with people sometimes in a cranky way has helped me to learn stories and learn how to invest better. it
Jan 1, 2013 5:00am EST
the wealthiest. >> reporter: the court ruled a planned 75% tax on those earning a million euros should be thrown out as unfair. it had already been blasted as anti-entrepreneurial. it was branded at the government trying to balance the budget on the backs of the rich. the planned tax hike had sparked word that at least some high rollers were deciding to leave the country. but analysts say the high taxing french ruler is not really defeated. it was thrown out more on a technicality. government is planning to issue a rewarded tax bill and claps there were new tax hinges that the court left in part in mace. the french stock market seemed to like the message. it was up more than a half percent in a shortened trading day. >>> it looks like james bond can do it all. the recently released skyfall is now the most successful bond movie in franchise history. it has earned more than $1 billion worldwide. the film is only the 14th movie of all time to hit the $1 billion mark. others include the avengers and the dark knight rises. >>> adam housley has the details on the hollywood nation repo
FOX Business
Dec 31, 2012 9:00pm EST
euros. a very big number. the spending in the federal budget. you will notice to these numbers bigger than that. not good. the deficit, like how much debt or adding. over a trillion. just when you're. federal government runnng a a tab of a rillion. we talk about this number of the me. let's get this zero's again. a very big number. tough to get your arms around these numbers. when you see it on a piece of paper it's easier. i thought it would be even easier ifwe thought about one american household. what if each of those numbers translate it into one family. if you ran the household like the federal government here is what you would be looking at. your family income, 24400. your spending, 305,400. look at this. what's going on? you can't do this. if you were spending 35,000 only had 24,000 coming in, that's a nightmare. the new debt would be 10,900. it's a nightmare. so let's talk about your total credit card debt. if you were on par with the federal government your total debt would be $163,000. you're not even earning 25,000. you would be in huge trouble. you would be insolven
Jan 1, 2013 9:05am EST
. showing all of the symbols of the euro? it showed a cross, star of david and so on and a hammer and sickle. there is a bit of an outcry from the lithuanians. and i ask why does it take the lithuanians, why aren't we in the west sympathetic enough to the persecuted under communism to object ourselves? white -- why would we leave it to them? i am relaxed about these symbols. we see a guy what they cccp with hammers and sickles and i once did a study on this on a simple magazine piece and some people say it's proof. it's kind of funny. you know, you don't see the pictures on t-shirts. it's just a t-shirt. as andrew daniels points out if we only took one good picture in this life he looks like a moon star and he got his cheekbones just right but it wasn't all that much, honestly. this is all regarding chambers, but he was a witness and a truth teller and it was really hard for him to forsake not popular approval but the approval of the people that mattered was colleagues and journalism and what we might call the liberal establishment. that is a very hard thing to do to give that up and
Jan 1, 2013 1:00pm PST
bailouts, with sovereign debt crises, with the euro zone. it was only at the very last possible minute that compromise was reached, that the big bargain was done. and if you look at the united states, even at a time of, a moment when really both sides needed to do more than the minimum, the markets will be saying they failed to do so. so, yes, they will be relieved, there won't be any immediate reaction, but the markets are certainly putting the politicians on notice that the budget mayhem can't continue. wolf? >> good notice. richard, thank you. >>> off an island in alaska right now, a crippled oil rig is running aground. it's carrying diesel fuel, oil, and hydraulic fluid, and the weather is working against recovery. we'll have an update. >>> an oil drilling barge is grounded off an island in southern alaska and a fares storm is hindering recovery efforts onboard. diesel fuel, lube oil, and hydraulic fuel. no leaks have been detected and teams are assembling to tackle any environmental damage. cnn's paul vercammon has an update. >> reporter: high winds and huge waves pounded t
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)